Kitchen Hack: Peeling Garlic

By now, almost everyone knows about the smushing technique to peel your garlic.  You smush it, one clove at a time, with your knife or a drinking glass to make it easier to peel.  But what if you need TONS of garlic?

How to Peel a Head of Garlic in Less Than 10 Seconds from on Vimeo.

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KitchenHack: Watermelon Cutting

When Gavin and I went to Texas and stayed with my parents earlier this month, my mom cut up a watermelon.

Pretty awesome, but pretty standard for my family.  Except…

she cut it up in a broiler pan!  That way the juice didn’t get all over the countertop (and cabinets, and floor).  Way to go, Sue!

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Sunglasses in the Kitchen

Why is Gavin wearing sunglasses in the kitchen on Sunday morning?

To cook the bacon!

Gavin wore his sunglasses to keep the bacon grease out of his eyes when it was spattering at him, producing bacony success. Yum!



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Laptop Lunches: Lunch in Review

I’ve been using my Laptop Lunches lunchbox a lot lately.  I really like it so far–the little containers are sturdy and have stood up to being microwaved and run through the dishwasher.  I love that it’s purple (my favorite color–and also the color of my phone, wallet, car, and other plastic containers) but it comes it lots of other choices.  Here are some of the lunches I’ve made.  I use the lunchbox far more often than it looks, but I often eat the same thing for a few days in a row.  All the descriptions of what they are are clockwise starting at the top left.

Homemade black bean and pumpkin soup, carrots and cheddar cheese, apple slices, lemon-parsley salad dressing for the carrots, and carnitas.

Frozen peas, corn, peanut butter, and apple slices.   Boring but tasty.

Kraft macaroni and cheese (my super-guilty pleasure), baby carrots, apple slices, the macaroni and cheese powder, and some Thin Mints.  By the way, I have perfected the art of reheating Kraft macaroni and cheese, which everyone knows becomes inedible as soon as it cools.  You just don’t add anything to it, save it as plain noodles.  Then do all the macaroni and cheese steps later.

Baby carrots, refried beans, cheese, salsa, and pineapple.  I spread the beans on corn tortillas, sprinkled with cheese, and topped with salsa.  This was a really great lunch and I ate it almost every day that week.

Carrots, pineapple, homemade wheat thins, cheeseburger, and cream cheese for the wheat thins.

Leftover spicy peanut sauce noodles from Noodles, Thin Mints, cream cheese (for the crackers), roasted asparagus, and homemade wheat thins.

Apple slices, delicious burger leftovers from The Great Dane (where we celebrated my dad’s 50th birthday!), and frozen peas.

Frozen peas, meatloaf (upcoming post!), apple slices, and roasted asparagus.

Strawberries, homemade fiesta corn, French dressing, salad with cheese, and taco chicken.

What is your favorite lunch?

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