French Toast

French toast is a quickie meal, one that my dad used to have up his sleeve as a back-up plan at all times.  This is a fancier and tastier, but just as easy, version.

You need some old, good bread, milk, eggs, butter, and the topping of your choice.  I like syrup, but I bet jam would also be tasty.

This bread is literally four days old, just so you know.  About the only other thing I can think of to do with bread this old is to make croutons or bread crumbs, so this is also a pretty frugal meal.

Mix together 1-2 eggs, depending on how many pieces of French toast you are making.  I used two when I made this for Gavin and me and one when I just made it for myself.  Add some milk and stir it up.  Then dip the bread in.  The old, good quality bread will really soak up the mix.  If you are using fresh store-bought sandwich bread, it will be totally different and not as good.

Melt some butter in a pan over medium heat, then add the now soggy bread.

Cook it until it’s golden brown on both sides and hot and not soggy in the middle.

I think it’s extra good when you put a little bit more butter on the top.

Add your topping of choice and you’re good to go!  Super-fast, super-simple, and super-tasty.

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